We all had..

1. Beg to stay in bed for 5 more minutes

2. Snooze the alarm at least 3 times

3. Said "I'm gonna eat more healthier", but instead ate pizza that same day.

4. Overthought something that at the end turned out great

5. Felt disappointed in your birthday or christmas at least once..

6. Done something we never thought we could do

7. Set goals from movies, tv shows, etc.

8. Got lost in a conversation not having a clue of what someone it's talking about but still agree with them

9. Felt time slower when bored & when felt the opposite way wishing time runs this way

10. Thought about something that never ended up happening

11. Started a sentence 3 times because we are being interrupted

12. Search for something like crazy & it was just in front of us or in our hands

13. Mistaken a stranger with a friend or family of ours

14. Procrastinated

15. Fantasized with our favorite actor, celebrity, youtuber, etc.

16. Got nervous when asked by a professor a question because everyone it's staring you even though you know the answer

Tell me which one's I got right? Any ideas of what we all had thought, experience, felt?