What if we had dated..

what if we had dated

It probably hurts more never dating the person we loved than breaking up a relationship.

What if we had dated..is something that will consume you day by day until you find your special someone.

The head start creating this scenarios over and over again with the person you love. When you come back to reality questions about why you aren't wanted appear. Where it would all had lead you both? You start seeing what could had being, who would you had become & how happy you'd be.  The things you would had done for that person to show them your love but never had the chance to.

The fact that the person you wanted didn't really wanted you at the end, it hurts as hell. It's something wrong with yourself? The inconclusive answer that can't really know what went wrong like in relationships do. At the end you never really failed but neither succeed.

The pain of not knowing, the lack of closure it's what keeps your head spinning. The sad truth it's that you see that person as perfect because your expectations had never being broken, when in reality they aren't perfect. 

Don't believe you'll never find or fall in love for someone the way you did. At the end, you'll find the person that means the world to you and realize why you never dated the person that you believe you loved.

Had you ever loved someone but never end dating them?