The power of smiling

The real beauty it's in a smile & they are free for those that surrounds you. Like they say the best accessory anyone can wear it's their smile. Smiling to the right person in the right moment can influence on how they react afterwards.  

Life is like a mirror. Smile at it, and it smiles back at you. 

How smiling can improve your relationships

1. Be the first one to smile, don't expect others to smile first. It's a great way to establish a better communication & relationships. One of the best methods to create a connection. 

2. Get rid of the wall barrears created between someone.

3. It affects your decisions during the day, making better one's than you would take by being mad.

4. Changes the lives of those that surrounds you 

5. Give hope to those that need it the most over the hard times of their lives. It helps them find sense and comfort around you when they thought everything was lost. 

6. Spread your attitude & make others feel the same. The best way to react to a failure it's by smiling & showing others that it isn't over instead it's just the beginning. 

7. It shows love, comprehension, gentleness, humility & peace. 

Never forget to smile because one day you do not smile is one day lost. -Charles Chaplin

The science of smiling

1. A longer life, studies had shown that people that smile a lot tend to live 4.5 years more than those who smile less & 7 years more than those who don't smile at all. 

2. It makes other people be interested towards you. 

3. It's contagious, if one person smile, two more starts smiling. 

4. There are two types of smile: The genuine & the fake one, which the brain neural circuits had evolved to force a smile hiding other feelings as fears & anger. 

5. Make visual contact to detect if a person is genuinely smiling, if they don't contract their eyelid or it wrinkles it's fake. 

6. It's ok to say that smiles have accents? Yes, depending on your cultural background the smile varies. Japan accent it's in their eyes. Americans accent it's center in their mouth. 

Smile it stimulates your brain, more than it would 2, 000 chocolate bars. Smile you share satisfaction. Smile you share happiness. Smile you reduce stress. Smile you look more attractive. Smile it produces endorphins. Smile you are energetic. Smile you look educated. Smile you look confident. Smile you look capable. Smile it produces you pleasure. Smile everybody feels good beside you. Smile it's contagious. Smile it's a gift. Smile it's nice. Always smile. 

Always remember to smile for a happier & longer life for you & those that surrounds you.