Wanderlust tag

I love traveling & who doesn't? I used to traveled a lot back then, but now that I'm in university, with difference breaks as my family & a low income I had stop, just discover places near by but still I'm not limiting myself of considering the idea that traveling only counts to other countries. I stumble across the wanderlust tag deciding to just have some fun & answer it. 

1.- Where was your first plane to?

My first plane was to the United States. Like you might guess every kids dream it's to visit Disneyland so that's where you will had found me, enjoying the multiple adventures in the magical kingdoms. 

2.- Where have you travel to that you will love to visit again?

The city that I had felt in love from all my travels it's Paris, I really crave to go back. They say Paris it's the city of love, but it's not about relationships love instead the fact that's inevitable for you to not fall in love with the city.

3.- You're leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where are you going?

Where I wouldn't go it's the right question. I will love just throwing everything & discovering every corner of the world enjoying each beauty that Earth has to offer. It's difficult to pick one but probably I will jump in the first plane to Venice & afterwards let's see what adventures to catch. Some of the places I will love visiting are Australia, Rome, London, Netherlands, Cape Town, Sao Paulo & the list continues... 

4.- Preferred method to travel; planes, trains or car?

I enjoy road trips with the people you love, stopping by in everyplace just to know a little bit more of it, but I also love getting in a plane & the excitement of just flying, being over the clouds, seeing how tiny the world looks up there & the mystery of what's about to come.  Personally, I don't like to travel in trains so I scratch that. One that's not mention here it's cruise, I had never travel in one, but I beat it's fun & want to try it sometime. 

5.- Favorite travel website?

I will pick one blog, even though I have a lot of favorite one's. At the moment I'm loving Flying the nest I beat you will fall in love with it, as I did.  

6.- Where will you travel to just eat the food?

I really love Honduras food, but one place that maybe I will just go for food it's Barcelona. I love the bays Paella from a place besides the aquarium, also to just enjoy coffee in a small coffee shop near the Plaza of Catalunya. I actually didn't liked coffee when little, but I just fell in love with the cortadito from there, that I now don't stop drinking coffee. Oh, I also love Spain's bread, I don't know why. 

7.- Is there a place you will never go again?

Not really, I had loved all the adventures that I had being given the opportunity. 

8.- Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?

Of course, who wouldn't? I'm kidding, I barely know of memory my ID number. 

9.- Do you prefer the window, aisle or middle seat?

My favorite one it's the window that way I may enjoy of the beautiful view of the world from the top. 

10.- How do you pass the time on airplanes?

I watch movies, talk with someone new or the people I'm travelling with. Read, listen to music & sometimes if I'm able to, I sleep.

What are some place you crave traveling to? 
Let me know if you had done the Wanderlust tag or if you will be doing it. 


Complaining doesn't change anything. Life's not over if you lost, it's only over if you do nothing & just complain about it. It's always better to attempt to succeed in a great goal, than achieving a pointless one. Spending energy & time complaining about what happened yesterday, won't change what happens tomorrow. If you believe in something go & work for it. Take action right now & don't wait time to pass. Don't let past situations darken your future steps. Be different, work hard & don't ever look back. 

Tip: Stop complaining about what you lack & start being thankful for what you have. Be thankful for all those problems you don't have & work to solve those you do. 


Every pain you feel today has a future purpose. You may not see it now, but few years from now you will & be thankful for who you had become. Move on, but don't forget what it had taught you.  The fact you're struggling right now, it's not a sign you're failing. Every success requires a worthy struggle. 

Tip: Pain helps you grow. Be patience, good things take time. Eventually, things will come together. 

Be ashamed

Don't ever be ashamed of scars, embrace it. Scars, are triumphs of battles. It means that you are strong & have conquer pain, you had learned a lesson, you had grew stronger & you had moved forward. Scars can't disappear, but you can change the way you see them. 

Tip: Change the way you look to scars. Scars is a sign of I'm strong & I made it. 


Everything in life it's temporary. The sun rises every morning & the moon sets at night. Even though it's dark there's still moonlight. There's light through every situation, just remember that the sun will rise & the darkness will disappear, just keep looking the moonlight. Every moment gives you a new beginning & a new ending. Take the most of every moment & make it the best. 

Tip: Don't turn off the light of hope. 

Giving up

Patience, it's not about waiting instead the capacity to keep smiling & working hard during all the way through until achieving your dream goals knowing that everything your doing will be worth it. If you want something put your time & soul into it, if not why bother starting? It means doing sacrifices, being looked like a ridiculous person to your peers, possible time alone.   

It isn't bad being alone, it helps you achieve the greatest things by having the space you need. All is a test of your determination of how much you really want that so precious dream. If you really want something despite the rejections & failures you will still do anything to achieve your goal. The struggle, it's the path & you'll realized that all will be worth it. 

There's no better feeling in the world than actually living the way you want to by doing something of value. 

Tip: Keep going despite any big or small bad situation, it's the path of every success & all it's worth it.


Don't be afraid to dream again, stand up again, try again, live again, love again, start over. Life's best lessons come from the worst experiences & mistakes. You may feel that things are going all wrong & won't ever lined up again in the right direction, but remember that always to get things very right it has to pass by the very wrong. Travel to the worst, to enjoy the best. 

Tip: Stand your head up high, do your best & love generously. 

Don't stress over things that aren't in your power to change. 
Find strength & courage for everyday. 
Think positively, worry less & laugh often. 

What are some other things we need to stop thinking about when everything it's going wrong?

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Which was your favorite one?
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Another set of New Age of Creators videos to just relax & procastinate a little for a second from life. 

 It has begun // Edsta 

Beautiful shots from Santa Barbara & Los Angeles.

The Roommate // Ben Willingdorf 

One of the most creative minds by his diverse skills to build anything that crosses his thoughts. 

Samuel //  Fortress

A lovely song.

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Waiting // Justin Escalona

A short film that I think you need to hear & analyze.

Which video was your favorite one? Any thoughts?
Cosas que nos detienen en la vida

¿Alguna vez te has dicho esta vez sí será diferente voy hacer que pase? A través del tiempo te das cuenta que fallaste, pero todo recae en que nunca te esmeraste en seguir una rutina hasta alcanzar tu objetivo. Todos los resultados de tu vida provienen del trabajo diario que efectuas.

En la vida no te conviertes en una persona exitosa de la nada, sino que requiere de un trabajo arduo y constante. Todas las pequeñas cosas que realizas a diario son las que te ayudan a alcanzar el éxito.

Estas son algunas cosas que nosotros las personas hacemos a diario que nos detienen para seguir adelante:

// Nos has cambiado nada y quieres resultados diferentes //

Sí quieres mejorar debes de probar nuevas y diferentes cosas para lograr encontrar aquellas cosas que te funcionan a tí, a su vez aquellas que no.

Sí sigues haciendo lo que estás haciendo, seguirás recibiendo lo que has estado recibiendo. 
(Lo siento por la redundancia, pero tenía que escribirlo)

La diferencia que existe entre una persona exitosa y aquella que tiene problemas para implementar cambios positivos en su vida no es que uno sea superior intelectualmente o con mayor habilidad que el otro, sino que el coraje que uno tiene para mantenerse en una idea y seguir adelante trabajando duro y tomando riesgos hasta alcanzar el objetivo. 

No hay receta mágica para aquellas personas que siguen esperando a que por un hechizo todo cambie. 

// Te reusas a tomar riesgos necesarios //

No hay manual que nos establezca los pasos que debemos seguir en nuestra vida, sino que debemos aprender en el proceso de la vida. Debemos tomar decisiones a cada minuto desde que nos levantamos hasta cuando nos vamos a dormir, tomar riesgos durante el lapso del día y cada paso que damos influye en nuestras presentes y futuras vidas con los pequeños riesgos que vamos tomando.

Nunca dejes que tus miedos tomen posesión sobre tus decisiones. Piensa, ¿Qué pasaría si dejaras de hacer algo por temor? o por cualquier otro sentimiento de lo incierto. Jamás lograrías realmente tener el conocimiento de algo y este sentimiento de incertidumbre es peor que darse cuenta de que nos equivocamos. Debido a que cuando realizamos un error, podemos arreglar las cosas que estén a nuestro alcance, aprender y seguir adelante. 

// Evades la verdad //

Una llave para alcanzar el éxito es ser auténtico y honesto contigo mismo y los demás. Al momento que intentas pretender ser alguien que no eres y mentirte a ti mismo esto crea frustración conjunto un sentimiento de enojo que termina destruyendo tu ser. Tu vida nunca estará a tu favor si no te muestras como realmente eres.  

La transformación personal realmente puede ser espléndida solamente basada en los principios de honestidad y verdad. 

// Esperas eternamente por el momento perfecto //

Deja de esperar el momento perfecto, si piensas que no lo es. ¿Cuándo crees que lo será? Probablemente nunca lo sea porque lo que realmente te detiene es el miedo, no las circunstancias. Simplemente tienes que atreverte a saltar y hacer lo que debes de hacer. 

Has que cada día cuente, pero has algo hoy. No dejes para mañana lo que puedes hacer hoy. 

Hoy, es el día de un nuevo comienzo y esta en tu poder hacer de este año lo que tu estes dispuesto hacer. Si tu no lo haces probablemente una persona que nazca hoy lo efectúe. 

// Piensas en los rechazos //

Pensar que no eres capaz de realizar algo es la trampa más grande en la que puedes caer en la que solo tú puedes liberarte de ella y nadie más. Muchas veces dejamos que los rechazos del paso, dicten los pasos y decisiones que tomaremos en el futuro, cuando lo que tenemos que hacer es aprender de ello y seguir adelante. Los rechazos tienen sus razones y circunstancias según el caso pero lo más probable es que no se alineaban correctamente en el momento preciso lo presentado con lo deseado por otros.

Las críticas son oportunidades de mejorar lo que hacemos, pero no cambiar su autenticidad.

// Planificas en desorden //

¿Has tomado una agenda y planeado lo que vas a efectuar en el día? ¡¿Sino que esperas?! El siguiente año te agradecerás por haber aprovechado el tiempo para alcanzar lo que tanto has deseado. Crea un plan para alcanzar tu meta, paso a paso. Así no te arrepentiras de dejar las cosas para último minuto, no logrando alcanzar tu objetivo.

Antes de ir a la cama piensa en tres tareas que deseas cumplir el día siguiente, anotalas y en la mañana del día siguiente antes de hacer cualquier cosa léela de esta manera podrás ir detenidamente hacia tu objetivo.

// No tomas responsabilidad //

No todo es tu culpa, pero hay cosas que tu realizaste o por omisión llevar a cierto resultado por el cual es tu responsabilidad. El no querer tomar responsabilidad de tus acciones, decisiones, etc. y echarle la culpa a otro no cambia los hechos. Al momento que tomas la situación de manera positiva y sabes controlarla realmente puedes hacer un cambio.

// Deseas la perfeccion //

Aprende a reconocer aquellos momentos que el deseo de que todo salga perfecto te esta afectando al no poder hacer tu ideal una realidad. A veces tu mente puede destruirte y la manera en que trabajas por desear alcanzar algo que no esta en tus límites. Sí te sientes en el borde de la locura, toma un descanso y reflexiona.

// Cierras tu mente a nuevas ideas //

El éxito no depende de siempre tener la razón. Para que realmente logres alcanzar el éxito, debes de aprender a escuchar a los demás, aprender de ellos y trabajar con otros. Un individuo jamás puede tener todas las respuestas, pero un grupo de personas pueden crear algo fabuloso.

En el momento que aceptas aquello en lo que no es de tu agrado, es el momento en el cual la diversidad de ideas, perspectivas pueden lograr llevar a cabo algo imaginable. 

// Permites que la negatividad acople tu ser //

A lo que me refiero, es que permites que los comentarios negativos de otros tomen poder en tu cabeza y llenan este lugar de residuos. Muchos asumen que careces de lo necesario para alcanzar lo que deseas, pero solo tu les puedes probar lo contrario. En el mundo siempre existirán personas que desean jalarte al suelo para que no te levantes, depende de tí si decides seguir o dejar que ellos ganen.

Es mucho más fácil ser negativo que positivo. Es mucho más fácil criticar que tener ser correcto. Rodéate de aquellas personas que te respetas y creen en tu potencial. 

// Esperas que todo sea sencillo //

Nada en la vida es fácil y aquello que no fue difícil de alcanzar no vale la pena tener. Lo que fácil viene, fácil se va. No hay nada que valga la pena tener que no requiera de esfuerzo y problemas. Los momentos que recordarás de tu vida no son aquellos que no te costarán nada, sino que aquellos obstáculos que lograste atravesar logrando alcanzar tu objetivo.

No hagas lo que es fácil, sino haz lo que eres capaz de hacer.

// Te has olvidado ayudar al prójimo //

La mejor manera en la que puedes encontrarte a ti mismo, es cuando te pierdas ayudando a otros. Muchas veces pensamos que estamos ayudando más a otros, pero la verdad son ellos los que nos ayudan más a nosotros. Al momento que te encuentras realizando cambios positivos te llena con un sentimiento que iluminará tu futuro a un camino más claro. 

Nada en la vida es fácil todo requiere de trabajo, esfuerzo y perseverancia. Tú puedes alcanzar lo que deseas, todo es de que empiezas a trabajar hoy por ello. No dejes que la negatividad tome las decisiones se tu quien las realiza con confianza en tí mismo.

¿Qué te ha detenido para seguir adelante?

I don't quite think google translator it's that great, but still if you want to sneak a little bit of what this post it's about I will leave you with the browser translation. Probably will be doing an English version of this post. I just felt like writing in spanish & I feel like it will be worth reading.

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Less is better

Yes, less is better. I'm not talking about clothes here. I'm going to talk about what you do. 

Everybody in society always demands us to do more. It's not a bad thing to want perfection, but it's not good to exceed capacity. I'm going to tell you an old story of mine. 

One time a friend invited me to run with him, I accepted. I didn't had exercise since a really long time. The day came & I had run 7 turns of the running track in half an hour, I told him I'm going to stop now I got to my limit. He was like come on, one more turn so that you will beat a friend that run yesterday the same amount as yours. I decided to make the run, but getting to the end something happened it was not really a good image (what do you think it happened?). He finally stopped & we left. Afterwards he told me I had run faster than the other friend who had just done less than that amount in one hour. I was actually sort of mad at him because he made me exceed my limit & lied to me. 

We have the tendency to do as much, but less it may be better. It's ok to do what you can & don't force yourself. Don't try to be better than anyone one else just your yesterday self. 

It's better if you go for a run, leave a little for tomorrow that way you will be excited for the next day. What may happened if you used all your body's energy, probably wouldn't like to go for a run next day. 

What if you went to a new restaurant & you will start trying all this food until you felt overstuffed leading you to pain. Probably, you won't like having more of that food anymore & might had being your favorite one.

Sometimes we start reading online & from one tab we go to the other until we had spent more than 2 hours in front of our screen. We should leave something for later, to excite us & refresh our energy offline. 

There are a lot of scenarios where we want more, but less it's better. Like they said everything in excess is bad & that's so true. Build habits little by little, don't push yourself to the limits. 

Leave excitement for tomorrow, live today with what you can but don't get overwhelmed if you didn't catched everything you wanted. Take care of yourself, do what you're capable to & feel proud with everything you do. Don't try to be anyone's better version, be the best version of yourself. 

Be happy with less because it's better & more.

I traveled to a small town called San Lorenzo located in Valle, Honduras to have some lunch. 
We arrived to the restaurant which was so full that needed to wait to take a seat. After a while we finally got ourselves a table which we enjoyed a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.

I ate one of the famous Honduran food called Curiles if you dare to make it at home I leave you with the recipe.

Lastly, we went to drink Posol (de doña Cholina) at 45 minutes from there in Choluteca.

 I really enjoyed all this little things, I highly recommend trying this exquisite meals & places if you have the chance.

Did you have any trip this weekend?