I don't know what to do with my life

A couple of days ago a friend asked me: What comes for Mafer in the next years? 

To be sincere I didn't knew what to reply I haven't really asked myself that question & to be sincere I didn't wanted to neither. My first response was: I will graduate soon as a twenty year old lawyer & I will continue studying specializing myself in the area I like, while starting to work part time in a law firm. 

The fact that I have a year & half ahead of me to be able to call myself officially a lawyer scares & excites me. I feel like I had grown so fast, that I don't know where time really went. I don't really have an official plan. Maybe won't be this way &  things will turn another path, I don't know. The future it's a mystery with a lot of presents to give. I don't know if good or bad things will come, I don't know anything at all & how things will turn out. Everything in life changes every second, every minute, every hour, every day & I feel happy. 

They say there are two types of people: The one's that have plan every little detail of their lives that stress out if things are not achieved the way they planned to, or the other side of the coin, the people that have no plans & start building their path through with no stop at all. Personally, I don't think that both of this are healthy for humans at all in one point of your life, but it's ok to be in any of this two states. 

I think it's better to have a spinal cord of a human body planned about your life that will make you really happy, letting life build & construct through it the other bones until completing the human body. 

I had heard this phrase "I don't know what to do with my life" that I tell you it's ok if you don't know what to do after school, what to study, where you will work, what will you eat, what will happen the next year. It's ok, the uncertain it's fun & life it's great if you do what makes you happy.

Photo credits to Noel Shiveley
Never stop doing what you really want of fear to be laugh at or whatever it's stopping you. Every person has the right to choose what to do with their life's. Choose what makes you happy, not what makes others happy. Every action has a consequence, if the action makes you happy I will guarantee you that those consequences will be good for you. 

People sometimes tells you, don't study that it won't generate you money & there's no work for it. Don't listen to them, listen to your passion & follow it. If you're happy doing what you love, everything else comes alone. 

The most difficult thing of all it's to start doing what you love, but you are scared to give the first step but when you start there's no way you can stop. There will always be time to taste different things & if you don't feel comfortable with it you still have the opportunity to start over. If you don't like what you're doing why you still keep on with it? Everyone can make mistakes, we all can make bad choices. Don't push yourself, enjoy every moment & don't worry practice a sport, learn languages, do what you want with your time while discovering yourself. 

Remember the only person that you need to make happy is yourself & it's ok not to know what comes next in your life.