Things I had learn about not using makeup

I'm not the type of person that loves to wear makeup everyday, I just use it in some special occasions. I think it's nice to be said: "wow, you look beautiful today" or something like that for just getting a different style than the usual one. Normally, if you wear makeup everyday people get used the way you look with it & the day you don't put any, they stare at you pretty weird because they are not used to see your natural self. 

Makeup it isn't bad, it's just not really my daily thing. Here it's a list of what not using makeup has taught me: 

1. To save time & invest it in other things. 

Putting makeup on every morning means at least half hour to apply it & combine the shadows, etc. with your outfit. Instead of using my time to do that I read the news in the morning, a good book, exercise, get on time & so much other possibilities that you may be doing something worthwhile. 

2. To appreciate who I am

People look at my natural self everyday, I don't need to worry to be appreciated for a mask if not by for being my truly self. I had notice that a lot of friends that use makeup everyday can't leave the house at least without even using foundation or anything. They are insecure about how they look & I had heard them say it, being worried to be looked like a zombie or a sick person. 

3. To satisfy myself 

I don't follow what's trending, I follow what I'm feeling. I don't have to worry to change a mask to another because of society's demands of beauty. I don't have to complete anyone's standards, just be pleasant to myself. 

4. Confidence

I feel grateful for who I am inside & out. I don't hide flaws & insecurities, I show them & feel proud for who I am. 

5. To be listened to

People are interested to listen to my inner beauty, being interested in what myself offer than what I would had if I had focused my life in facial aspects. 

6. Respect

If you have confidence, people respect you & never are seen as less. 

7. Save money 

Cosmetics products are pricey, I can save money & time to invest them in worthy endeavors. I don't need to worry to have a great collection, to worry if I'm allergic to one product that I can't even return. 

8. Appealing & life changes resistant 

People can be attracted to your looks but it's never lasting for ever. When someone it's interesting in you wants to know what's down your skin, being appreciated for the years you had lived, your warm heart & your appreciation for everything that surrounds you. 

Life changes aren't a problem at all, we know that's inevitable & we are fine with just the way we look. 

If you love makeup it's ok, I think it's an art. If you don't like makeup, it's ok too don't feel the pressure to use it. Always remember to love yourself & never feel the need to satisfy a certain standard. 

Do you use makeup? What are your thoughts about it?