Tips to learn a new language

I'm currently learning italian, one of the most beautiful languages in the world. I hope one day to be able to have a fluent conversation with an italian while traveling their splendidus country. I decided to give you some tips of how to learn a new language whatever it's the one you are going for. 

1. Learn sentences, not words. 

I like searching for phrases that italians say, doesn't matter if they are slangs or formal to have a proper conversation, with this method you'll start knowing how to use the word when you need it, memorize it faster because your head will imagine the scene & recognize the context that's being use, plus learning grammar naturally without even noticing by analyzing the appropiate sentence structure. 

2. Study everyday 

It's better if you schedule 10 minutes of your day to practice, than waiting until the weekends to study for 2 hours. Frequency it's the key, you'll start building a habit that you won't turn down after a month. 

Some activities you can do are:
  • Reading a blog or a book
  • Watching the news, tv show, movie or a video in youtube
  • Play duolingo or any other learning app
  • Listen to a podcast or some music
  • Talk with a native language speaker
  • Write about your day or post a tweet in that language with what you had learn

3. Speak, don't be afraid

It's horrifying to speak a new language because of how bad you will sound, but if you do not practice it soon as possible you will slow down your process of learning. 

You'll become more confident, recall vocabulary, use grammar & practice pronunciation, also improve listening skills.

Extra tips: 

1. Use flashcards or Memrise. 

It's a little contradictory with what I expose before, but if you want to improve your vocab do this. Paste flashcards around your house that helps you recall vocab or use Memrise to learn new vocabulary if you weren't able to recall it in the next ten minutes from learning it, leave it for tomorrow to practice.

2. Change your phone language 

When I'm learning a new language I like to change my social medias, phone & everything I use, you'll start learning new words while navigating. 

3. Live the language 

Do the most you can in your new language.

When listening to a new song play it 1 to 2 times & try to understand what it's says. Afterwards listen to the song while reading the lyrics 2 to 3 times. Then copy it in a paper, highlight the words you don't understand & search their meaning in the same language. Never use google translator! 

People tell me to try this website interpals, I'm going to give it a shot in the hopes of not finding anything weird. Do you know of another site or had tried this one?

If you want to learn with me some italian i'll be tweeting some phrases under the hashtag #LIWM (Learning Italian with Mafer) i'll be happy to have you join the party.

Which it's your method of learning a new language? 

If you know of any other site or app, podcast, music, etc. that will help everyone & me in the process of learning a new language, share it with us. Also, if anyone knows italian & wish to share some knowledge with all of us I'll be glad to chat with you. I could teach you some Spanish.

Best life advices from cartoons

We all had learned from our favorite shows & movies of our childhood or the one's we still secretly watch. I share with you some of the best life lessons that they had shared with us, that doesn't even represent a one percent of what we had learned. 

1. "Ohama means family. Family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten" Stitch

2. "To laugh at yourself is to love yourself" Mickey Mouse

3. "Life doesn't give us purpose. We give life purpose" Flash

4. "Just keep swimming" Dory

5. "Love is an open door." Anna & "Let it go" Elsa, Frozen

6. "Always let your conscience be your guide" The blue fairy, Pinocchio

7. "I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now" Edna, The Incredibles

8. "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends" Dumbledore, Harry Potter

9. "You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul." Chef G, Ratatouille

10. "Sometimes we have to go deep inside ourselves to solve our problems." Patrick, Spongebob Squarepants

11. "A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference." Eeyore, Winnie-the-Pooh

12. "Just because I cannot see it, doesn't mean I can't believe it." Jack Skellington

13. "Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it." Rapunzel, Tangled

14. "There's no one I'd rather be than me." Wreck-it-Ralph

15. "The future is worth it. All the pain. All the tears. The future its worth the fight." Martian Manhuter

Should I do another list? I barely cover some of the good one's.

Which it's your favorite cartoon quote that had change your life?
How to giggle in a lousy day?

We all have bad days, but remember nothing it's forever. If we didn't experience rainy days, we wouldn't appreciate those where the sun shine the brightest. When having the best of times, feel grateful & don't forget what you've been through. When you're not in your best of time, keep your head high, work hard & everything it's going to be ok

I share with you a little list with things you may do when you're having a bad day that I bet will make you feel delighted:  

1. Watch a Disney movie. Doesn't matter what age you are this movies will always cheer you up.

2. Lipsync & dance to your favorite songs like crazy all over your house.

3. Chuckle & smile until you cry, you don't know the power of smiling & how it boost your mood times one thousand.

4. Call a special someone. What's better than calling someone that get's us & we love that knows how to make us happy?

5. Cuddle or play with your pet, they know how to make us feel warm inside.

6. Write off your feelings & thoughts that bothering you. Also, remember to look the bright side of your day, that's worth it all.

7. Swim in the pool, or have a relaxing bath in the tube. It helps relax your body & mind.

8. Watch your favorite TV show, or read your favorite book.

9. Go for a walk, there's nothing more beautiful than enjoying our marvelous world, connecting just with nature & our thoughts, nothing more.

10. Eat chocolate, it makes everyone chortle like a clown. It helps your brain to release endorphins & serotonin, antidepressants & lowers cortisol.

What makes you smile in a bad day?
Start a creative journal

Start a creative journal today & capture moments forever

While going through some old stuff I found out some of my journal's that recorded moments that I didn't even remembered at all. While recreating the past I found that some where captured in different ways & styles which I enjoyed. I think that everybody once in there life had a journal or at least tried to. 

I know that you will love being creative while capturing your moments today & feel the nostalgia next year, so I give you some ideas of how to journal differently: 

1. Collect your day

While looking to my memory box, I found tickets to the Santiago Bernabeú, a tour guide, etc. So, why instead of writing about all your day, collect it like souvenirs! If you went to the cinema save the tickets, if you drank a juice save the sticker, or found a flower while walking with your crush paste them or make a envelope & if you wish write a little about it. 

2. Draw your life 

Inspired in one of the last season trendings videos over youtube you could draw highlights of your day, like a comic. It's a super fun way to relax & practice your skills. 

3. Dream experiences 

We all forget our dreams from last night if they aren't recorded in the first minutes of the day. If you want to recapture the weirdest dreams of yours & maybe write a story about them, definitively have a notebook beside your bed. Describe your feelings even if they sound silly remember that you pretty much lived them. Also, you could write about your day-dreams. 

4. Note yourself

I also found post-it's of me & my friends chatting or sending inspirational quotes to ourselves during the day. What about if you post-it yourself a new lesson that you learn during the day, building a great knowledge book. 

5. Inspiring quotes 

I love searching for quotes or navigating tumblr/instagram any social media to find inspiring poems or quotes that make me reconsider life. Be creative, print, color & illustrate them in the most beautiful way or just write them down for a later inspiration in life. 

6. Little miracles

I am currently doing this in a daily basis. It consists on writing down small miracles of your life to be thankful for. Sometimes if I smiled because of a conversation I screenshot it, or had fun in a special event i'll add a photo. Afterwards a day that I'm feeling down like everything it's going the wrong way. I'll search for that little miracle & read the old one's to appreciate my life. I owe this brilliant idea to Sam Walter

7. Songs stuck in my head

When we are sad, happy or in whatever mood swing there's that one song we feel a connection or can't get out of our heads. Write that little piece that's you can't get out of  your brain, also what you're currently feeling or doing while playing it. After time you can recall the connection you had with the song & probably still have, or the adventures you lived with that song being played, recreating the scenario. I just remember of Inside out movie, it's one of the most deepest disney movies ever, if you haven't watch it what are you waiting for?!

8. Bucket-list it

Write about everything you want to experience, remember anything may happen so be optimistic & open minded. See yourself grow & how your tastes varies over time.

9. Collage goals 

Every goal has it's own page, what you want to accomplish. Draw or cut pictures to describe your goal, leave a page between each one, so when you made it happen write about your journey, feelings & celebration. Maybe even after achieving each goal, they are going to have there own journal. 

Also, you could create a mix journal with all this ideas, be creative & enjoy making it!

Which it's your favorite one? Do you have a journal? 

How to sleep like a baby

All of us at least one time we had a night where falling asleep was impossible. Watching the hours pass by 11 p.m., 1am, 3 a.m., 4:30 a.m. & the alarm start beeping at 5: 00 a.m. making us wake up super angry & tired because of the lack of  sleep. Say goodbye to those nights & let's start following this guide of how to sleep like a baby. 

Let's start with the most important things. 

Where we are sleeping in: 

    It needs to be a dark place, with no lights at all. Close the doors of your room, use dark curtains, don't let the light of the streets get into your room. We can't have the alarm clock near us, neither our cell phones. The reason why it's because the light prevents our body to produce melatonin & serotonin, decontrolling our internal clock too. It also helps us reduce cancer probability. At the same time having this sort of devices makes us stress over time, not relaxing our body at all. 

    Don't use annoying alarm clocks, putting super heavy songs, those one's that you can't even stand. If possible put a calm song that increases it's volume over time by making this you will wake up in a better mood. Instead of waking up with a super loud alarm that will make you angry. 

    Don't use your bed to do another tasks or activities. If your body is used to watch TV or do homeworks in your bed this will not get the body relax to have a better sleep. Search for other areas to do different activities that are not sleeping.

    It's recommended that you don't sleep with someone in the same room, specially if that person snores or moves too much because can affect your sleep.

The best sleeping routine:

Sleep early. The body produces some toxins during 11 p.m. & 1 a.m. which it's the time the body rests the most. If you are awake at this hours, your body will return this toxins to your liver which will affect your health in the future.

Don't alter your sleeping hour. If your body has a sleeping rhythm will be more easy to fall asleep & wake up.

Routine. The key to make yourself feel relax. It can be from turning up some aromatic candles, to meditating, a massage, etc. do anything that makes you feel calm.

Don't drink liquids. At least 2 hours before your bedtime, because it will produce your body to feel the need to wake up at the middle of the night interrupting your dreams or waking at least an hour earlier.

Go to the bathroom. Before going to bed go to the bathroom, this reduces the probabilities of waking up at the middle of the night. It surely helps me a lot that way I don't interrupt my sweet dreams.

Eat proteins. It helps you in the production of melatonin.

No sugars, neither grains. It will increase the sugar in your blood producing your body to have a lot of energy & don't wanting to fall asleep. Also, if the sugars lower down fast at the middle in the night you have the probability to wake up & not being able to fall asleep again.

Hot shower.It reduces the temperature of your body that has increased for the late night hours. It gives a sign to the body that's bed time.

Use socks. Feet it's the worst part of the body with the circulation, making them cold in the middle of the night producing you to wake up. Socks reduces the probabilities of you waking up several times. I dislike using socks, but it surely works a lot.

Use a mask. It helps you to not receive any light, because it's hard to not see your tv blinking or something. Other option it's to put tape or cover all the objects that have light.

How to sleep like a baby (tips)No TV, no work. TV stimulates your brain too much making it hard to fall asleep. Making your body be with no preoccupations or stress at all.

Listen to relaxing music. Listening to natural sounds. I always fall asleep to spotify's sleeping playlists.

Write. If your brain has a lot of thoughts it's useful to write down.

Extra tip: Exercise regularly at least 60 mins, but not at night because it boost up your body. At the same time receive some natural sunlight & enjoy of a great walk during the day. Don't consume alcohol neither drugs because they interrupt your dreams.

Which it's your sleeping routine?

The real beauty it's in a smile & they are free for those that surrounds you. Like they say the best accessory anyone can wear it's their smile. Smiling to the right person in the right moment can influence on how they react afterwards.  

Life is like a mirror. Smile at it, and it smiles back at you. 

How smiling can improve your relationships

1. Be the first one to smile, don't expect others to smile first. It's a great way to establish a better communication & relationships. One of the best methods to create a connection. 

2. Get rid of the wall barrears created between someone.

3. It affects your decisions during the day, making better one's than you would take by being mad.

4. Changes the lives of those that surrounds you 

5. Give hope to those that need it the most over the hard times of their lives. It helps them find sense and comfort around you when they thought everything was lost. 

6. Spread your attitude & make others feel the same. The best way to react to a failure it's by smiling & showing others that it isn't over instead it's just the beginning. 

7. It shows love, comprehension, gentleness, humility & peace. 

Never forget to smile because one day you do not smile is one day lost. -Charles Chaplin

The science of smiling

1. A longer life, studies had shown that people that smile a lot tend to live 4.5 years more than those who smile less & 7 years more than those who don't smile at all. 

2. It makes other people be interested towards you. 

3. It's contagious, if one person smile, two more starts smiling. 

4. There are two types of smile: The genuine & the fake one, which the brain neural circuits had evolved to force a smile hiding other feelings as fears & anger. 

5. Make visual contact to detect if a person is genuinely smiling, if they don't contract their eyelid or it wrinkles it's fake. 

6. It's ok to say that smiles have accents? Yes, depending on your cultural background the smile varies. Japan accent it's in their eyes. Americans accent it's center in their mouth. 

Smile it stimulates your brain, more than it would 2, 000 chocolate bars. Smile you share satisfaction. Smile you share happiness. Smile you reduce stress. Smile you look more attractive. Smile it produces endorphins. Smile you are energetic. Smile you look educated. Smile you look confident. Smile you look capable. Smile it produces you pleasure. Smile everybody feels good beside you. Smile it's contagious. Smile it's a gift. Smile it's nice. Always smile. 

Always remember to smile for a happier & longer life for you & those that surrounds you.  

I'm not the type of person that loves to wear makeup everyday, I just use it in some special occasions. I think it's nice to be said: "wow, you look beautiful today" or something like that for just getting a different style than the usual one. Normally, if you wear makeup everyday people get used the way you look with it & the day you don't put any, they stare at you pretty weird because they are not used to see your natural self. 

Makeup it isn't bad, it's just not really my daily thing. Here it's a list of what not using makeup has taught me: 

1. To save time & invest it in other things. 

Putting makeup on every morning means at least half hour to apply it & combine the shadows, etc. with your outfit. Instead of using my time to do that I read the news in the morning, a good book, exercise, get on time & so much other possibilities that you may be doing something worthwhile. 

2. To appreciate who I am

People look at my natural self everyday, I don't need to worry to be appreciated for a mask if not by for being my truly self. I had notice that a lot of friends that use makeup everyday can't leave the house at least without even using foundation or anything. They are insecure about how they look & I had heard them say it, being worried to be looked like a zombie or a sick person. 

3. To satisfy myself 

I don't follow what's trending, I follow what I'm feeling. I don't have to worry to change a mask to another because of society's demands of beauty. I don't have to complete anyone's standards, just be pleasant to myself. 

4. Confidence

I feel grateful for who I am inside & out. I don't hide flaws & insecurities, I show them & feel proud for who I am. 

5. To be listened to

People are interested to listen to my inner beauty, being interested in what myself offer than what I would had if I had focused my life in facial aspects. 

6. Respect

If you have confidence, people respect you & never are seen as less. 

7. Save money 

Cosmetics products are pricey, I can save money & time to invest them in worthy endeavors. I don't need to worry to have a great collection, to worry if I'm allergic to one product that I can't even return. 

8. Appealing & life changes resistant 

People can be attracted to your looks but it's never lasting for ever. When someone it's interesting in you wants to know what's down your skin, being appreciated for the years you had lived, your warm heart & your appreciation for everything that surrounds you. 

Life changes aren't a problem at all, we know that's inevitable & we are fine with just the way we look. 

If you love makeup it's ok, I think it's an art. If you don't like makeup, it's ok too don't feel the pressure to use it. Always remember to love yourself & never feel the need to satisfy a certain standard. 

Do you use makeup? What are your thoughts about it?

How to consume coffee correctly? 

We all have a biological clock denominated circadian rhythm that regulates how sleepy we feel during the day & controls the release of the hormone cortisol. (The denominated stress  hormone &  the one that helps us keep alert during the day.)

The body has a mechanism to wake you up naturally, during the hours of:

8-9:00 a.m. 

12:00 -1:00 p.m. 

5:30 -6:30 p.m. 

Which are the picks of the cortisol production hormone, if you drink coffee during the day it's recommended outside of this hours.

Complementing coffee or caffeine at this hours of the day doesn't help you wake up, at the contrary the body becomes tolerant to them, reducing it's effects & at a long term this liquids will not produce any effect in your body. 

If your a morning coffee person, it's recommended to wait at least one hour after you wake up to drink a cup. 

Coffee addiction 

At the moment humans are awake adenosine accumulates in the brain receptors making the person feel tired. The caffeine competes with the adenosine receptors & start to combine. If you consume to much coffee you start to produce more adenosine receptors which means you need more coffee & when you try to reduce it, withdrawal symptoms will be felt than before you had consumed coffee. 

Coffee stimulates adrenaline: increase your heart rate, lungs pumping & even opens up airways. 

Which professions has the most coffee addicts?

A survey conducted by the UK stated that 70% of employees said that their abilities in the work dependent mostly on coffee, this consumers had at least four (4) cups of coffee during the day. 

The careers classified as the more stressful are the one's that unsurprisingly are denominated with a major addiction. Being in first place Journalists & Media Staff; following the Police which couldn't be missed with the typical police man in the movies with a cup of coffee with donuts; & in third place, the teachers, those mentors that stay up with us during our revelion times & mark our lives. 

Coffee addictors of history 

Johann Sebastian Bach, who wrote a short opera dedicated to his love for coffee: the coffee cantana that exposes a daughter that wants to get married but with a man that has her same addiction to accept her, with a finale expounding the benefits of coffee with a happily ever after with his father. 

Ludwig Van Beethoven, who had an obsession with his coffee counting by hand 60 beans per cup, no more, no less.

Make a difference 

Help build a school in Honduras with one cup of coffee & change kids life for a life time.

Are you a coffee addict? 
Which is your addiction?

The most powerful weapon a man has it's his tongue, it can kill anyone in the inside just in a second with a word.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou

Nurture the relationships with beautiful words, don't let them vanish with miscommunications. Let the others know the nice things you feel for them, but mean it & reflect them with your actions.

1. Please & thank you.

2. Say hi to strangers & smile.

3. Everything it's going to be ok.

4. I trust in you.

5. *Nothing*

6. I love you as a whole.

7. Thank you for always supporting me.

8. I disagree with you, but I respect & like you.

9. You look beautiful today!

10. How are you? (and mean it)

11. I appreciate you.

12. You mean a lot to me.

13. What I can do to support you?

14. The qualities I love most about you are...

15. Awesome job!

16. I believe in you.

17. I acknowledge the areas I need improvement.

18. I understand you.

19. It's not your fault.

20. You're not responsible for my behaviors.

21. You are free to be yourself.

22. I don't know.

23. I forgive you.

24. Tell me your dreams.

25. I'm thinking about you.

26. You are special & unique.

27. This is for you...

28. You can achieve anything you want in life.

Remember to say beautiful things to those who you love the most, don't take them for granted & also be nice with those that you don't even know.

What are some things you consider we should all say more often?

1. Beg to stay in bed for 5 more minutes

2. Snooze the alarm at least 3 times

3. Said "I'm gonna eat more healthier", but instead ate pizza that same day.

4. Overthought something that at the end turned out great

5. Felt disappointed in your birthday or christmas at least once..

6. Done something we never thought we could do

7. Set goals from movies, tv shows, etc.

8. Got lost in a conversation not having a clue of what someone it's talking about but still agree with them

9. Felt time slower when bored & when felt the opposite way wishing time runs this way

10. Thought about something that never ended up happening

11. Started a sentence 3 times because we are being interrupted

12. Search for something like crazy & it was just in front of us or in our hands

13. Mistaken a stranger with a friend or family of ours

14. Procrastinated

15. Fantasized with our favorite actor, celebrity, youtuber, etc.

16. Got nervous when asked by a professor a question because everyone it's staring you even though you know the answer

Tell me which one's I got right? Any ideas of what we all had thought, experience, felt?