There's a difference between the way people can look through their eyes to your body & how people can look through their eyes to your soul. There's a difference between how you look & who you are. There's a difference between what others want you to be & who your thoughts want to become. There's a difference between who you're truly soul is from everyone elses.
There's a difference between yourself & the world. 

You are not your age, 
Nor the size of clothes you wear, 
You are not a weight, 
Or the colour of your hair, 
You are not your name,
Or the dimples in your cheeks,
You are all the books you read, 
And all the words you speak, 
You are your croaky morning voice, 
And the smiles you try to hide, 
You're the sweetness in your laughter,
And every tear you've cried,
You're the songs you sing so loudly,
When you know you're all alone,
You're the places that you've been to, 
And the one that you call home, 
You're the things that you believe in 
And the people that you love, 
You're the photos in your bedroom, 
And the future you dream of, 
You're made of so much beauty,
But it seems that you forgot, 
When you decided that you were defined,
By all the things you're not.

Discover yourself & don't let anything determine your uniqueness. 
Just let your truly soul be & be known. 

Deep tumblr poem with kind words of mine.

Meanings that not everyone knows

Famous logos that I bet you didn't knew their truly meaning.
Here I got few of them that I found really interesting & thought about sharing it with you.

1. Mcdonald's

Prepare yourself because I was really astonish with this one. The giant yellow M or golden arches as we all know it isn't just the first letter of the restaurant having it's own purpose & goal to capture customers. During the 1960's designers & psychologists were hired to redesign the logo, but didn't change it because they said it was a pair of neuroshing breasts which gave the customers the desire of food based on the Freudian symbolism.

2. NBC

Did you ever wonder why this famous television logo has so many colors in the peacock? The answer is that during the 50's there just started manufacturing color televisions, while there was still televisions in black & white it was a way to show the world what they were missing out. 

3. Apple


The technology that everyone desires, has an apple as it logo which means the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge in the story of the creation of the world with it's beginning in the paradise with Adam & Eva. 

4. Adidas

If you see the three strings form a mountain, which means all the struggles & battles every human being have to face in a daily basis. We all need to overcome all the obstacles of life, smile during every battle & appreciate the experience.   

5. Volkswagen 

Do you know what the simple V & W mean in this logo? Volkswagen as we know it's a german company, so let's split the word & translate it to english to find it's true meaning. Volks means people & wagen means car. 

People + Car = A car for the people. 

Amazing right? I really like how it sounds. 

6. Pepsi

One of the greatest drinks in the world has a circle colored up with red, white & blue with just doesn't stop there being a simple figure. It has draw the feng shui, renaissance, the earth's geodynamo & the theory of relativity, all in one.

Who knows what true meaning does every single logo has..

A letter for an introvert. 

Don't pretend to be extrovert if you're not. Let your introvert self glow!

Dear Introvert,

I know you rather hangout with your friends at the cinema, than going to a party. I know you rather
have fewer friends that are loyal & trustful, than having a great amount but with no value at all. I know you rather have deeper conversations, not just vague & pointless thoughts. I know you think to much before you speak, before you act. I know that when you hang out for a great night, day & time you need to rest by yourself at the end. I know that you don't need social life for your brain to be happy, you don't crave social interactions. I know you enjoy more to live with your own quietness experiences with your own thoughts.

It's ok to be exactly who you are. Don't pretend to be someone that you're not. 

Introverts are 1/3 of the populations, because extroverts are more common in the world people tend to say that the way extroverts act is totally normal & the introverts are weirdos. People think that introverts are shy but that's a social fear of being judged, it's not the same! Scientifically it has been proven that introverts are smarter & also are better leaders than extroverts. Extroverts don't appreciate that much other people ideas & they get too excited about what they are doing that forget the rest. We need people of this two types in the world, neither is better than the other. 

Don't pretend to be an extrovert, when all you feel is the opposite. At the beginning you may try to fake who you are, try to act all your life, but at the end pretending will make you tired needing to rest eventually. The world needs you, needs what you have, what you think, to share it with all the people that surrounds you. The best ideas come from a quiet place, where revelations come in a special way. 

Don't think that guys or girls won't notice you, because they do even if you don't believe it. The mystery attracts, the way that you can establish one to one relationship creating a deeper conversation, the way you will always listen & you reflect before you speak even in fights. You offer too much to the world & the people near you. Extroverts sparkle, introverts glow. 

Great figures where introverts like Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Gandhi & without them we wouldn't be & know all that we know today. Even though you are comfortable being behind directions, you are still made to be a leader. It's scary I know, but if you feel it & it needs to be done, do it. Nelson Mandela he probably didn't feel any bone in his body while doing what all the things he did, but there he was standing for what he believe in because it needed to be done, so why can't you?

I bet that your mother has always told you, be yourself & she's totally right. Be yourself, you don't want to attract the wrong people in your life. It's totally fine if you're an Adelle & not a Britney Spears. The right people, the right relationships will come in it's time. 

                           Respect yourself, don't try to remake yourself into an introvert. 
                                       Get out & admire the small things from the world.
                                                    Escape, mind travel & fantasize.
Love yourself, embrace yourself & make the world fall in love with your thoughts. 
The world needs introverts, need creators of imagination.
The world needs dream walkers!
The world needs you to be yourself.

Another week of great discoveries on youtube:

1. Eighteen by Orin Willis

A great short film, perfectly constructed which express all the feelings people get at that age. I'm turning nineteen in a few days, but this video always gets me & I think everyone do. I will let the video talk by itself.

2. Storytellers | South America by Joshua Phrakhun

A teletransportation to the beautiful land of south america with the perfect music & shots. If you want to relax, have some coffee & fall in love with the world this is the video for you.

3. I'm Not the Only One - Sam Smith by Haze Acoustic Rendition

A stripped session by Troy Hamilton hardly edited that show his pure talent with great guitar solos. Some people say that he has a similar voice to Ed Sheeran, discover it yourself by digging his videos

I hope you enjoy this videos as much as I did. If you feel super kind & want to see more of their creations subscribe to them, like & even comment  'Mafer send me'?  Love you & hope to see you next week. If you have any suggestions let me know I will really appreciate them. 

Smile, because..

1. Beach walks

2. Meeting new friends

3. Coffee in the morning

4. Watching YouTube videos

5. Shooting stars

6. First kisses

7. Bonfires

8. Fresh baked cookies

9. Hugs

10. Smiles

11. Finger paintings

12. Hearing a good song

13. Compliments from strangers

14. New dollar bills

15. Eating your favorite dessert

16. Rain 

17. Rainbows 

18. Writing 

19. Re-reading your favorite book

20. Concerts

21. Smell of fresh laundry

22. Being proud of yourself

23. Sleep

24. Zac Efron

25. Hot Chocolate 

26. Socks in winter time

27. Taking days off

28. Torrejas

29. Dancing

30. Singing in the shower

31. Christmas & Christmas light at night

32. Roadtrips

33. TV shows

34. Laughing until you cry

35. París 

36. Friday's 

37. Disney

38. Goodmorning texts

39. Seeing an old friend

40. Films

41. Thanksgiving food

42. When idols follows you

43. Defending what you believe in

44. Trying new stuff

45. Best friends

46. Discovering yourself

47. Doing what you love

48. Bed sheets

49. Pool parties

50. Full moons

51. Sunsets

52. Passing an exam

53. Dogs & Cats

54. Pizza 

55. Riding a horse

56. Holding hands

57. Insight jokes

58. Naps

59. Finding money in a pocket 

60. Tumblr 

61. Ibiza parties

62. Photographs

63. Fresh flowers

64. Drawing

65. Accepting yourself

66. God

67. Playing sports

68. Smell of popcorns

69. Baking 

70. Helping others

71. Playing guitar

72. Ed Sheeran & Sam Smith music

73. Listening his heart beat

74. Cuddling

75. Tomorrowland

76. A full refrigerator

77. Family

78. Crossing things off of a list 

79. Achieving goals

80. Awards

81. Overcoming your fears 

82. PJ's 

83. Photo booth with friends 

84. Reading

85. Birthday's 

86. Spotify

87. Graduating

88. Summer

89. Poetry

90. Roller coasters

91. Games 

92. Love

93. Warm showers

94. Learning a new language

95. Anniversaries

96. Improving yourself

97. Skateboarding 

98. Boardsurfing

99. Touching the lives of everyone you know

100. Breathing 

If you're reading this that means you're alive. Do you need a better reason to smile?
There exist millions of reasons why you should smile, embrace those curves.

This is who I think I am 

Inspired by 3 a.m. thoughts here I go..

My name is Mafer, I'm 18 years old & I'm still searching who I am in a daily basis but until now this
is who I think I am..

I'm a person with a goal in mind that doesn't think only of personal interests, if not marking the difference by making a positive impact in the world & other people's life. I'm a person with one main purpose in life, to help others but essentially get to the heart of the issue for the world stopping the need of  help.  

People describes me as a sentimental person with a high inborn morality & I can't deny that facts. I fight for my principles & what I believe that's right even though most of the masses don't think the same as I do. We need to use our creativity, sensibility, imagination & conviction not for our own pleasures, but in service of society. We we're created in this world not to isolate in a bubble of ours, if not to socialize, love & help each others to be better versions. 

I may be wrong, but I truly believe that softening people's heart with love & compassion is the best way to create a better world. God says in 1 Peter 4: 8 "Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins." We don't live in paradise because each one of us had sin & it's inalienable to our souls, but we can try to not fall & raise up to make good & love others. It's our decision whether to be selfish & destructive, or to walk in the light. 

I'm the type of person that loves others company, but also enjoy time by myself. I like to speak softly, warm & in a sensitive way to others making them happy. I appreciate when they do the same, but over time I get disappointed with some that I start to have low expectations remaining with one though only: 'Do without expecting in return' which makes my life delighted. Still I'm not going to deny that I like to help other people to find solutions to their problems or give to those that can never return the favor back. (even though with a simple smile, or words they actually deliver joy to me & that's the best present to give back)

I can be very light, open minded while making or doing things in a daily basis, but when things do really matter & needs to be done right I am what's called a perfectionist freak. I can't stand the we tried when the goal includes helping others. If your going to do something that matters, do it right. 

When it comes to relationships I am really picky, because I'm not looking for a good moment to spend beside someone. I'm looking to someone truly genuine & authentic which I can really connect with. After there is a connection don't think that will only be physically, if not spiritually. I'm not afraid of loving unconditionally, once I found someone that I truly care about I'm an open diary with a special key for that special someone. A bond of body, mind & soul. 

It's pleasing to me just to go out, have a walk & listen to other people's stories creating different perspective & overviews about life. I'm surly the type of person that will be there for a lot of people. Most of the time a lot of humans open themselves to me & I'm there for them, but I just open myself truthfully to few that I can barely count with my fingers. I will always share jokes with everyone, but when it comes to real conversations the one's that I really like to get deep with subjects I find meaningful are rare. 

I have few true friends, but I may say that quality is better then quantity. I may say that I had friends standing by my side since kinder-garden & will remain there even in graves. While growing up, you don't care about how much likes, friends, or the amount of virtual friends list do you have because it's not really, it's a fiction over a screen & mind of being loved. So, even if you only have one friend, treasure it until the end of times, because they are extincting. 

I started university when I was sixteen years old. I'm not going to be dishonest I never though by a second during my thirteen years of school that I would be studying law. I always saw myself as an Architect during ten years of my life, in tenth grade I started doubting that. I didn't knew if I would be that good, if I was that creative & at the same time if I will really helped people. 

I started thinking about careers that will really make a difference or help people. The list was like being in the film-making/communication industry, to make people conscious about the world that we live in by an indirect method. Even psychology to contribute to other people happiness. If you're wondering why doctor isn't included..I assure you that I'm definitively not made for that path because I'm afraid of blood. 

After a while I went to this event called HACIA Democracy which I though it was one of the best experiences that I had in my life. People had told me that I was a good writer & speaker that I could captivates other peoples heart, a different & unique style. I didn't actually believed all of that, until that trip I made with dozens of teens from all America.  I felt marvelous, exceptional, like never before..I did enjoyed public speaking, I enjoyed solving problems & finding solutions to them. Even though this event was more inclined to international relationships, I wanted something similar where I could do this things & help the world. So, that's when I went for law, for a most justice world, helping others by solving their problems.

I'm not going to lie, sometimes I question my decision because I don't want to miss other experiences, but I think that God is by my side & has a purpose for me that I'm willing to accomplished don't matter what. I'm designed to be a leader of society to guide them to good, but with no power at all. 

I love to grow beside the people that I helped & to contribute to humanity, because most of the time we learn more of others than what they learn about us. 

I still have a world ahead me, so much to learn, experience & explore. I still have time to discover myself, because everyday we get to know ourselves a little more. 

Don't worry if you don't  have a clue of who you are, I don't actually think anybody get to knows themselves completely. Overtime you will discover who you are & what are God's plans for you. Be patience, love yourself  & love others. Don't worry if you fail, or make the wrong decisions in life because in the end all the experiences will build you in a better person. We are all made to be leaders, not followers. So make a change, be different, be you & change the world. 

'Let all that you do be done in love' 1 Corinthians 16: 14