How to sleep like a baby

How to sleep like a baby

All of us at least one time we had a night where falling asleep was impossible. Watching the hours pass by 11 p.m., 1am, 3 a.m., 4:30 a.m. & the alarm start beeping at 5: 00 a.m. making us wake up super angry & tired because of the lack of  sleep. Say goodbye to those nights & let's start following this guide of how to sleep like a baby. 

Let's start with the most important things. 

Where we are sleeping in: 

    It needs to be a dark place, with no lights at all. Close the doors of your room, use dark curtains, don't let the light of the streets get into your room. We can't have the alarm clock near us, neither our cell phones. The reason why it's because the light prevents our body to produce melatonin & serotonin, decontrolling our internal clock too. It also helps us reduce cancer probability. At the same time having this sort of devices makes us stress over time, not relaxing our body at all. 

    Don't use annoying alarm clocks, putting super heavy songs, those one's that you can't even stand. If possible put a calm song that increases it's volume over time by making this you will wake up in a better mood. Instead of waking up with a super loud alarm that will make you angry. 

    Don't use your bed to do another tasks or activities. If your body is used to watch TV or do homeworks in your bed this will not get the body relax to have a better sleep. Search for other areas to do different activities that are not sleeping.

    It's recommended that you don't sleep with someone in the same room, specially if that person snores or moves too much because can affect your sleep.

The best sleeping routine:

Sleep early. The body produces some toxins during 11 p.m. & 1 a.m. which it's the time the body rests the most. If you are awake at this hours, your body will return this toxins to your liver which will affect your health in the future.

Don't alter your sleeping hour. If your body has a sleeping rhythm will be more easy to fall asleep & wake up.

Routine. The key to make yourself feel relax. It can be from turning up some aromatic candles, to meditating, a massage, etc. do anything that makes you feel calm.

Don't drink liquids. At least 2 hours before your bedtime, because it will produce your body to feel the need to wake up at the middle of the night interrupting your dreams or waking at least an hour earlier.

Go to the bathroom. Before going to bed go to the bathroom, this reduces the probabilities of waking up at the middle of the night. It surely helps me a lot that way I don't interrupt my sweet dreams.

Eat proteins. It helps you in the production of melatonin.

No sugars, neither grains. It will increase the sugar in your blood producing your body to have a lot of energy & don't wanting to fall asleep. Also, if the sugars lower down fast at the middle in the night you have the probability to wake up & not being able to fall asleep again.

Hot shower.It reduces the temperature of your body that has increased for the late night hours. It gives a sign to the body that's bed time.

Use socks. Feet it's the worst part of the body with the circulation, making them cold in the middle of the night producing you to wake up. Socks reduces the probabilities of you waking up several times. I dislike using socks, but it surely works a lot.

Use a mask. It helps you to not receive any light, because it's hard to not see your tv blinking or something. Other option it's to put tape or cover all the objects that have light.

How to sleep like a baby (tips)No TV, no work. TV stimulates your brain too much making it hard to fall asleep. Making your body be with no preoccupations or stress at all.

Listen to relaxing music. Listening to natural sounds. I always fall asleep to spotify's sleeping playlists.

Write. If your brain has a lot of thoughts it's useful to write down.

Extra tip: Exercise regularly at least 60 mins, but not at night because it boost up your body. At the same time receive some natural sunlight & enjoy of a great walk during the day. Don't consume alcohol neither drugs because they interrupt your dreams.

Which it's your sleeping routine?