But first, coffee

How to consume coffee correctly? 

We all have a biological clock denominated circadian rhythm that regulates how sleepy we feel during the day & controls the release of the hormone cortisol. (The denominated stress  hormone &  the one that helps us keep alert during the day.)

The body has a mechanism to wake you up naturally, during the hours of:

8-9:00 a.m. 

12:00 -1:00 p.m. 

5:30 -6:30 p.m. 

Which are the picks of the cortisol production hormone, if you drink coffee during the day it's recommended outside of this hours.

Complementing coffee or caffeine at this hours of the day doesn't help you wake up, at the contrary the body becomes tolerant to them, reducing it's effects & at a long term this liquids will not produce any effect in your body. 

If your a morning coffee person, it's recommended to wait at least one hour after you wake up to drink a cup. 

Coffee addiction 

At the moment humans are awake adenosine accumulates in the brain receptors making the person feel tired. The caffeine competes with the adenosine receptors & start to combine. If you consume to much coffee you start to produce more adenosine receptors which means you need more coffee & when you try to reduce it, withdrawal symptoms will be felt than before you had consumed coffee. 

Coffee stimulates adrenaline: increase your heart rate, lungs pumping & even opens up airways. 

Which professions has the most coffee addicts?

A survey conducted by the UK stated that 70% of employees said that their abilities in the work dependent mostly on coffee, this consumers had at least four (4) cups of coffee during the day. 

The careers classified as the more stressful are the one's that unsurprisingly are denominated with a major addiction. Being in first place Journalists & Media Staff; following the Police which couldn't be missed with the typical police man in the movies with a cup of coffee with donuts; & in third place, the teachers, those mentors that stay up with us during our revelion times & mark our lives. 

Coffee addictors of history 

Johann Sebastian Bach, who wrote a short opera dedicated to his love for coffee: the coffee cantana that exposes a daughter that wants to get married but with a man that has her same addiction to accept her, with a finale expounding the benefits of coffee with a happily ever after with his father. 

Ludwig Van Beethoven, who had an obsession with his coffee counting by hand 60 beans per cup, no more, no less.

Make a difference 

Help build a school in Honduras with one cup of coffee & change kids life for a life time.

Are you a coffee addict? 
Which is your addiction?