Don'ts when things are going wrong


Complaining doesn't change anything. Life's not over if you lost, it's only over if you do nothing & just complain about it. It's always better to attempt to succeed in a great goal, than achieving a pointless one. Spending energy & time complaining about what happened yesterday, won't change what happens tomorrow. If you believe in something go & work for it. Take action right now & don't wait time to pass. Don't let past situations darken your future steps. Be different, work hard & don't ever look back. 

Tip: Stop complaining about what you lack & start being thankful for what you have. Be thankful for all those problems you don't have & work to solve those you do. 


Every pain you feel today has a future purpose. You may not see it now, but few years from now you will & be thankful for who you had become. Move on, but don't forget what it had taught you.  The fact you're struggling right now, it's not a sign you're failing. Every success requires a worthy struggle. 

Tip: Pain helps you grow. Be patience, good things take time. Eventually, things will come together. 

Be ashamed

Don't ever be ashamed of scars, embrace it. Scars, are triumphs of battles. It means that you are strong & have conquer pain, you had learned a lesson, you had grew stronger & you had moved forward. Scars can't disappear, but you can change the way you see them. 

Tip: Change the way you look to scars. Scars is a sign of I'm strong & I made it. 


Everything in life it's temporary. The sun rises every morning & the moon sets at night. Even though it's dark there's still moonlight. There's light through every situation, just remember that the sun will rise & the darkness will disappear, just keep looking the moonlight. Every moment gives you a new beginning & a new ending. Take the most of every moment & make it the best. 

Tip: Don't turn off the light of hope. 

Giving up

Patience, it's not about waiting instead the capacity to keep smiling & working hard during all the way through until achieving your dream goals knowing that everything your doing will be worth it. If you want something put your time & soul into it, if not why bother starting? It means doing sacrifices, being looked like a ridiculous person to your peers, possible time alone.   

It isn't bad being alone, it helps you achieve the greatest things by having the space you need. All is a test of your determination of how much you really want that so precious dream. If you really want something despite the rejections & failures you will still do anything to achieve your goal. The struggle, it's the path & you'll realized that all will be worth it. 

There's no better feeling in the world than actually living the way you want to by doing something of value. 

Tip: Keep going despite any big or small bad situation, it's the path of every success & all it's worth it.


Don't be afraid to dream again, stand up again, try again, live again, love again, start over. Life's best lessons come from the worst experiences & mistakes. You may feel that things are going all wrong & won't ever lined up again in the right direction, but remember that always to get things very right it has to pass by the very wrong. Travel to the worst, to enjoy the best. 

Tip: Stand your head up high, do your best & love generously. 

Don't stress over things that aren't in your power to change. 
Find strength & courage for everyday. 
Think positively, worry less & laugh often. 

What are some other things we need to stop thinking about when everything it's going wrong?