Happy love day!

Valentine's day is here, it a date in the calendar dedicated to love, to show love & receive love. If your single or in a relationship this is a day made for you with any distinction. 

Valentine's not only created for the people with a girlfriend or boyfriend, that have a greater excuse to show love to their soulmate. Some say that they don't celebrate this day because love should be celebrated all the time, when ever you want, whenever you're feeling it, not be force by a day to do all this things. If not show in a daily basis or in a more special & surprise way how you feel about someone showing them how much you care & think about them.  For others this is a day of opportunity, to really show of all the love they are feeling. They have the chance to open their heart like never before & teletransport to a different atmosphere. 

& for those that are single, don't worry, someday in the perfect time you'll find the person that will treat you right. It's better to be alone, than with the wrong person. But, don't worry..Valentine's it's not only a day dedicated to spend it with a couple, if not with everyone. Sharing time with your friends, family & even with people that you don't know but need to be loved. You may do some volunteering! 

Love, it's the strongest force on Earth that exists inside of us. It's a gift which we may share with others in different ways. It's always with you, within you, which needs to get out & spread the love to others. There is always love, in every action you do. Love, fills your soul with a shout out to the world to be felt. Love is waiting for you to smile & share your power with the world. If you share your love, the stronger will become.

Today my valentine's day will consist hanging out with my family & have some late movie night. How is going to be yours? 

Love yourself & do anything for yourself to make you happy. Love others & don't bottle up all your feelings about those you care the most. Open your heart, mind & soul to those who you truly love.