Start a creative journal

Start a creative journal

Start a creative journal today & capture moments forever

While going through some old stuff I found out some of my journal's that recorded moments that I didn't even remembered at all. While recreating the past I found that some where captured in different ways & styles which I enjoyed. I think that everybody once in there life had a journal or at least tried to. 

I know that you will love being creative while capturing your moments today & feel the nostalgia next year, so I give you some ideas of how to journal differently: 

1. Collect your day

While looking to my memory box, I found tickets to the Santiago Bernabeú, a tour guide, etc. So, why instead of writing about all your day, collect it like souvenirs! If you went to the cinema save the tickets, if you drank a juice save the sticker, or found a flower while walking with your crush paste them or make a envelope & if you wish write a little about it. 

2. Draw your life 

Inspired in one of the last season trendings videos over youtube you could draw highlights of your day, like a comic. It's a super fun way to relax & practice your skills. 

3. Dream experiences 

We all forget our dreams from last night if they aren't recorded in the first minutes of the day. If you want to recapture the weirdest dreams of yours & maybe write a story about them, definitively have a notebook beside your bed. Describe your feelings even if they sound silly remember that you pretty much lived them. Also, you could write about your day-dreams. 

4. Note yourself

I also found post-it's of me & my friends chatting or sending inspirational quotes to ourselves during the day. What about if you post-it yourself a new lesson that you learn during the day, building a great knowledge book. 

5. Inspiring quotes 

I love searching for quotes or navigating tumblr/instagram any social media to find inspiring poems or quotes that make me reconsider life. Be creative, print, color & illustrate them in the most beautiful way or just write them down for a later inspiration in life. 

6. Little miracles

I am currently doing this in a daily basis. It consists on writing down small miracles of your life to be thankful for. Sometimes if I smiled because of a conversation I screenshot it, or had fun in a special event i'll add a photo. Afterwards a day that I'm feeling down like everything it's going the wrong way. I'll search for that little miracle & read the old one's to appreciate my life. I owe this brilliant idea to Sam Walter

7. Songs stuck in my head

When we are sad, happy or in whatever mood swing there's that one song we feel a connection or can't get out of our heads. Write that little piece that's you can't get out of  your brain, also what you're currently feeling or doing while playing it. After time you can recall the connection you had with the song & probably still have, or the adventures you lived with that song being played, recreating the scenario. I just remember of Inside out movie, it's one of the most deepest disney movies ever, if you haven't watch it what are you waiting for?!

8. Bucket-list it

Write about everything you want to experience, remember anything may happen so be optimistic & open minded. See yourself grow & how your tastes varies over time.

9. Collage goals 

Every goal has it's own page, what you want to accomplish. Draw or cut pictures to describe your goal, leave a page between each one, so when you made it happen write about your journey, feelings & celebration. Maybe even after achieving each goal, they are going to have there own journal. 

Also, you could create a mix journal with all this ideas, be creative & enjoy making it!

Which it's your favorite one? Do you have a journal?