New Age of Creators

I haven't done a post of discoveries in a long while now, I think it's time for some creative people to admire & receive some inspiration of.

1.Samuel H. Ross

-Category: Filmmaker

-Film: Solitude

2. Kyle T. Houck 
-Category: Photographer 

New Age of Creators vol. III

3. Zachary Smithh

-Category: Illustration & lettering

New Age of Creators


I hope you had enjoy this small time exploring the great creations of this artists. I can't wait to share more with you. If you love someone's work feel free to link down in the comments below. If you haven't checked the past discoveries posts go & have a little more inspiration. 

Which was your favorite creation?

Flash vs. Arrow

Deep inside, you are a superhero 

Lately, I had being watching The Flash & Arrow both shows from CW & had this thought:

I asked my brother: "If you could be Barry or Oli which one you'll want to be?"

He replied, "Obviously, Oli he's completely human & still saves the world." 

Which make me think that's the best answer possible there could be. When we were little (& in some occasion now haha) there has being a thought inside our mind of wishing to have super powers & save the world with the extraordinary. Imagining ourselves running 400 km/s, flying, turning invisible to the humans eye's & every amazing super power showed in the big screen. When in reality we don't need any super power to help others & change the world.

Oli may be considered a hero for some, or a criminal to others. He's like Batman a guardian angel that saves the city at night from those with great wealth that only think selfishly of themselves, offering them the chance to emend their mistakes if not they will see the last arrow cross their body. Giving justice with a different method from court. Oliver Queen it's a human with no super power at all, he decided what to do with his life & work hard for it because of his father's last wish. 

We humans have the chance to be hero's, it's a choice that we make where ever we are. It's all about dedication, hard work, passion & will to mark the difference. We don't need to have the capability of super strength to save the world, all we need it's a great heart, energy & dedication in what we do to help others with it.

Don't say because of your age, location, economic resources you aren't able to do something for someone. It doesn't matter how small it is at least once in your lifetime you'll be tested to help others & it's your choice to give them a hand or your back. 

A hero can be anyone even a man doing something as simple & reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy's shoulder to let him know that the world hadn't ended. 

We can be extraordinary in the ordinarie, our heart & actions have the power of a flash to change the world for the better. 


*Photos are from tumblr.