Let go friends

 Let it be just memories, move on. 

Sometimes things in life are better left as mere memories. 

Be thankful for every friendship & relationship you had lived & what each one had thought you. Don't try to stick on to the past, or trying to relive moments or experiences you had together when it's really not the same anymore. Time pass, we all grow. If there is no reason to keep on with the relationship or friendship is time to begin a new chapter, with different characters. Don't let the years that you had share together be the only reason to stay, because that's not enough if there's no spark like it was before. 

Don't be afraid of what that person may do with your deepest darkest secrets, if they were truly your friends they would never hurt you. Don't be afraid of not meeting new people & creating new relationships, because there are billions of people in the planet which who you may find a genuine connection. Neither the fear of tension that your mind creates. 

Remember every relationship & friendship has falls & downs where their can be fix, but don't try to change things like they where before because you will never be happy by trying to make things like they were once. If that person isn't bringing you significant in your life it's clearly a sign that you need distance, at the same time if they don't treat you right, they don't deserve you. 

A list of why you shouldn't keep holding on: 

1. Memories are different than reality 

There's no connection anymore. Each one of you had grown apart which it's ok, you just don't share the same interests, passions. or don't even understand each other. 

It will take time, but you will eventually accept the fact which it's better than trying to bring back the past & force things. 

2. Loyalty & trust disappeared 

The two foundations for any connection so, why this person it's still in your life? If you can't trust him or she anymore & they don't even try to be loyal it's a must let them go. 

It will create multiple feelings that you don't deserve to feel, (anger, frustration, etc.) which we all are better without them. 

3. Need clarity 

If you don't know what you mean to someone at all making you confuse of misdirections, it's time to let them go. If someone loves you & you mean something to them, they will definitely won't treat you wrong they will make you feel significant & important in their lives. They will not play with you heart & mind. They will show to the world how lucky they are to have you. Don't let anyone treat you  like less. 

4. It's damaging you

If this person doesn't treat you right, by making fun of you, they make you feel less, they embarrassed you, abused you & so much more making you question about yourself you need to send them away immediately in the nearest airplane. 

You need to remove the negativity of your life, now! 

5. Differency 

If you only fight over how you can never agree in something. If they can never accept a point of view of yours & you put so much love & effort in it, but they don't appreciate it. It's time to walk away. 

6. One sided 

If you're the only one investing time in the relationship or friendship & the other person don't show any intrest or try to fight for you they don't really care about you. Search for someone who values you & make you feel worthly. 

7. They don't support you 

If they don't encourage you & support you in everything you do, want to do or passed through in the ups & downs in life it isn't worth to keep. 

8. It's just a need

Search for happiness not for sorrow. Don't let them feel that you're needy, just someone that makes you feel someone loved & respected. Someone that will give you advice, love you, will want the same things, they will be loyal & their will be trust in the relationship or friendship & who believes with all their heart the things you are capable of doing. 

Find someone which whom you can share your darkest secret & you don't have to worry about what will happened when you leave, because you know they will keep their lips tightly sealed. Someone that will bring you peace of mind, someone that you won't question their trust or faithfulness because every action they do are reflected that can fill up rather than any empty promise. 

It's not selfish to move on, because it doesn't cultivates a better you being unfair to try to endure a connection when it definitively it isn't.