Things we should say more often

The most powerful weapon a man has it's his tongue, it can kill anyone in the inside just in a second with a word.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou

Nurture the relationships with beautiful words, don't let them vanish with miscommunications. Let the others know the nice things you feel for them, but mean it & reflect them with your actions.

1. Please & thank you.

2. Say hi to strangers & smile.

3. Everything it's going to be ok.

4. I trust in you.

5. *Nothing*

6. I love you as a whole.

7. Thank you for always supporting me.

8. I disagree with you, but I respect & like you.

9. You look beautiful today!

10. How are you? (and mean it)

11. I appreciate you.

12. You mean a lot to me.

13. What I can do to support you?

14. The qualities I love most about you are...

15. Awesome job!

16. I believe in you.

17. I acknowledge the areas I need improvement.

18. I understand you.

19. It's not your fault.

20. You're not responsible for my behaviors.

21. You are free to be yourself.

22. I don't know.

23. I forgive you.

24. Tell me your dreams.

25. I'm thinking about you.

26. You are special & unique.

27. This is for you...

28. You can achieve anything you want in life.

Remember to say beautiful things to those who you love the most, don't take them for granted & also be nice with those that you don't even know.

What are some things you consider we should all say more often?