How to giggle in a lousy day?

How to giggle in a lousy day?

We all have bad days, but remember nothing it's forever. If we didn't experience rainy days, we wouldn't appreciate those where the sun shine the brightest. When having the best of times, feel grateful & don't forget what you've been through. When you're not in your best of time, keep your head high, work hard & everything it's going to be ok

I share with you a little list with things you may do when you're having a bad day that I bet will make you feel delighted:  

1. Watch a Disney movie. Doesn't matter what age you are this movies will always cheer you up.

2. Lipsync & dance to your favorite songs like crazy all over your house.

3. Chuckle & smile until you cry, you don't know the power of smiling & how it boost your mood times one thousand.

4. Call a special someone. What's better than calling someone that get's us & we love that knows how to make us happy?

5. Cuddle or play with your pet, they know how to make us feel warm inside.

6. Write off your feelings & thoughts that bothering you. Also, remember to look the bright side of your day, that's worth it all.

7. Swim in the pool, or have a relaxing bath in the tube. It helps relax your body & mind.

8. Watch your favorite TV show, or read your favorite book.

9. Go for a walk, there's nothing more beautiful than enjoying our marvelous world, connecting just with nature & our thoughts, nothing more.

10. Eat chocolate, it makes everyone chortle like a clown. It helps your brain to release endorphins & serotonin, antidepressants & lowers cortisol.

What makes you smile in a bad day?