Tips to learn a new language

Tips to learn a new language

I'm currently learning italian, one of the most beautiful languages in the world. I hope one day to be able to have a fluent conversation with an italian while traveling their splendidus country. I decided to give you some tips of how to learn a new language whatever it's the one you are going for. 

1. Learn sentences, not words. 

I like searching for phrases that italians say, doesn't matter if they are slangs or formal to have a proper conversation, with this method you'll start knowing how to use the word when you need it, memorize it faster because your head will imagine the scene & recognize the context that's being use, plus learning grammar naturally without even noticing by analyzing the appropiate sentence structure. 

2. Study everyday 

It's better if you schedule 10 minutes of your day to practice, than waiting until the weekends to study for 2 hours. Frequency it's the key, you'll start building a habit that you won't turn down after a month. 

Some activities you can do are:
  • Reading a blog or a book
  • Watching the news, tv show, movie or a video in youtube
  • Play duolingo or any other learning app
  • Listen to a podcast or some music
  • Talk with a native language speaker
  • Write about your day or post a tweet in that language with what you had learn

3. Speak, don't be afraid

It's horrifying to speak a new language because of how bad you will sound, but if you do not practice it soon as possible you will slow down your process of learning. 

You'll become more confident, recall vocabulary, use grammar & practice pronunciation, also improve listening skills.

Extra tips: 

1. Use flashcards or Memrise. 

It's a little contradictory with what I expose before, but if you want to improve your vocab do this. Paste flashcards around your house that helps you recall vocab or use Memrise to learn new vocabulary if you weren't able to recall it in the next ten minutes from learning it, leave it for tomorrow to practice.

2. Change your phone language 

When I'm learning a new language I like to change my social medias, phone & everything I use, you'll start learning new words while navigating. 

3. Live the language 

Do the most you can in your new language.

When listening to a new song play it 1 to 2 times & try to understand what it's says. Afterwards listen to the song while reading the lyrics 2 to 3 times. Then copy it in a paper, highlight the words you don't understand & search their meaning in the same language. Never use google translator! 

People tell me to try this website interpals, I'm going to give it a shot in the hopes of not finding anything weird. Do you know of another site or had tried this one?

If you want to learn with me some italian i'll be tweeting some phrases under the hashtag #LIWM (Learning Italian with Mafer) i'll be happy to have you join the party.

Which it's your method of learning a new language? 

If you know of any other site or app, podcast, music, etc. that will help everyone & me in the process of learning a new language, share it with us. Also, if anyone knows italian & wish to share some knowledge with all of us I'll be glad to chat with you. I could teach you some Spanish.