Your true beauty

The power of words & true beauty 

So, I decided to type the world "beauty" on google to see how the internet defined it. The first result was:

"Beauty is the quality of being pleasing, especially to look at, or someone or something that give great pleasure, especially when looking at it" 

It annoyed me how is referred as just looking at, like a piece of object that brings pleasure just by a superficial glance. No, no, no. What's wrong with society? It's more than that. (apply to a person) 

Beauty is what the person makes you feel by who they are.
Beauty is their pretty mind.
Beauty is the way someone eyes looks only the good in others.
Beauty is confidence.
Beauty is the words spoken from the lips that kiss people's heart. 
Beauty is their giving & caring heart. 
Beauty is their beautiful soul.
Beauty is where passion is. 
Beauty is everything special that builds up a person as a whole.

If you want or not to wear make-up, it's your face. 
If you want to wear shorts or pants, it's your style. 
If you want to be yourself, just be, it's your life. 

Don't forget to live your life & enjoy your own skin, doesn't matter what you do people will always talk about you. Don't worry about them, everyone is beautiful but not everyone sees it. The problem is that beauty can only be seeing with closed eyes & open heart to truly experience it.

While navigating the internet I bumped to this video, couldn't believe how people get time out of their day to judge & hate. It made me question humanity & inspired me to write this post.

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