33 tips for your life

33 tips we must  think & apply for a better life.

1. Wake up every morning with a positive thought

2. Eat breakfast

3. Exercise at any time in the day

4. Set a time to turn off social media

5. Appreciate what you have

6. Buy what you need, not what you want

7. Drink water

8. Compliment people

9. Control how you react to situations & how you feel

10. Focus on actions, not on outcomes

11. Give more to yourself

12. Ask more to yourself

13. Respect others opinions. Appreciate differences that make us unique.

14. Be an example so that others follow

15. Don't be afraid to give something up, because greatness may come.

16. Don't wait for the perfect moment, make it happen.

17. Change the present, to built your future.

18. Don't leave in the past, just use it as reference.

19. Always do what you're afraid to do.

20. Give yourself me time.

21. Find something to love about yourself everyday.

22. Wash your face every morning & night.

23. Don't let yesterday take control of today.

24. Make sure that the things you do don't make you feel worse.

25. Remember to love yourself first, to be able to love others.

26. Don't give up. Things get harder, before they get easier.

27. What you do today matters.

28. Start now, tomorrow is uncertain.

29. Let know the people you love how you feel about them.

30. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

31. Read more.

32. Turn off devices before bed.

33. Go to bed with a positive thought.

What are some other tips you think we all need to apply to our life's?