New Age of Creators vol. 1

The name of this post inspired by the creator Orin Willis with his movement & great work made me put a set of youtube creations by different videomakers that I hope you like.

Home by Joe Robles 

What's home for you? 

Appreciate the people that you have that makes you feel like home wherever you go, along that you're with them.

Start living by Tyler Petrich 

What the difference between living & surviving? 

Are you living or surviving? Enjoy your life & every opportunity you have because their is no repeat button in this life.

Inspiration by Caulin Donaldson 

An inspirational piece composed by a set of phrases that will make you smile for sure. 

Remember to do things for yourself, not for others. 

The River by Zac Deck

Enjoy a relaxing trip to the river with beautiful captures. 

Which video was your favorite one? Do you know any small creator with great content?