Stop expecting from others

Don't expect others to agree with you 

You are not in this world to please others, neither are them to please you. Stop expecting too much from others. Approve your decisions in life, so you don't need the approval of everyone elses. You deserve to be happy & live the life you want to. Don't let anyone, neither yourself stop you from living the life

Don't expect others respect, when you don't even respect yourself.

Don't beg others for the things you should be giving to yourself. You need to have faith in who you are & start acting like it. The moment you start loving yourself, you will start being a better friend, family member, you will become a better you. 

Stop expecting others to read your mind. 

People can't know what you're thinking. You need to start communicating & expressing yourself more, so that others understand you. People won't know how you feel unless you tell them. 

Stop expecting for everyone to like you.

Doesn't matter how nice you are to people, there will always be someone that criticize you & bring negativity to your life. Don't worry about that person, smile & move on. Let the people that care about you & make you a better version of yourself stand by your side. You might feel unworthy for one person, but for other person you mean the world. Don't forget how much your worth. 

Don't be afraid of being different, just be yourself. That what makes you unique. The hardest battle is just being yourself, doesn't matter who you pretend to be not everyone will love you. So why waste your time & effort trying to attract those who just will bring pain? Be YOU. 

Stop expecting them to be who you want them to be. 

Let yourself see through their beauty. Respect others ideas, opinions & who they are. Respect everything that builds a person, because we are all different & we should let everyone be themselves & admire their uniqueness. 

Stop expecting others to change 

You shouldn't try changing people. There are two options: You decide to accept all of themselves, or you decide to leave without them. The only way someone changes, is when you help them be themselves, they just grow & you see them differently. They had evolve in the most beautiful version of themselves. 

Stop expecting for everyone to be ok

Everyone it's battling in a daily basis. Be kind with everyone, because you never know what they are passing through. It's ok to not be ok. Share & be supportive when someone ask you for help or even if they don't but you know they need it, give your shoulder. 

Stop expecting back

Don't always expect something back for every good action you make for someone. Life will pay you back for every good intention you have. Give without expecting back. Stop thinking of yourself & think of others. Those that won't give you back, the energy that you transmitted will return in a different way or by a different person. 

Sometimes the biggest disappointment of life are the misplaced expectations. The moment when we decide to stop expecting to much from others, we will reduce stress, suffering & frustration to their life's & ours. Let's hope for the best, but let's reduce our expectations. Let's stop creating scenarios in our heads, that contaminates our soul. 

What other things we should stop expecting from others?