Introverts let yourself shine

A letter for an introvert. 

Don't pretend to be extrovert if you're not. Let your introvert self glow!

Dear Introvert,

I know you rather hangout with your friends at the cinema, than going to a party. I know you rather
have fewer friends that are loyal & trustful, than having a great amount but with no value at all. I know you rather have deeper conversations, not just vague & pointless thoughts. I know you think to much before you speak, before you act. I know that when you hang out for a great night, day & time you need to rest by yourself at the end. I know that you don't need social life for your brain to be happy, you don't crave social interactions. I know you enjoy more to live with your own quietness experiences with your own thoughts.

It's ok to be exactly who you are. Don't pretend to be someone that you're not. 

Introverts are 1/3 of the populations, because extroverts are more common in the world people tend to say that the way extroverts act is totally normal & the introverts are weirdos. People think that introverts are shy but that's a social fear of being judged, it's not the same! Scientifically it has been proven that introverts are smarter & also are better leaders than extroverts. Extroverts don't appreciate that much other people ideas & they get too excited about what they are doing that forget the rest. We need people of this two types in the world, neither is better than the other. 

Don't pretend to be an extrovert, when all you feel is the opposite. At the beginning you may try to fake who you are, try to act all your life, but at the end pretending will make you tired needing to rest eventually. The world needs you, needs what you have, what you think, to share it with all the people that surrounds you. The best ideas come from a quiet place, where revelations come in a special way. 

Don't think that guys or girls won't notice you, because they do even if you don't believe it. The mystery attracts, the way that you can establish one to one relationship creating a deeper conversation, the way you will always listen & you reflect before you speak even in fights. You offer too much to the world & the people near you. Extroverts sparkle, introverts glow. 

Great figures where introverts like Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Gandhi & without them we wouldn't be & know all that we know today. Even though you are comfortable being behind directions, you are still made to be a leader. It's scary I know, but if you feel it & it needs to be done, do it. Nelson Mandela he probably didn't feel any bone in his body while doing what all the things he did, but there he was standing for what he believe in because it needed to be done, so why can't you?

I bet that your mother has always told you, be yourself & she's totally right. Be yourself, you don't want to attract the wrong people in your life. It's totally fine if you're an Adelle & not a Britney Spears. The right people, the right relationships will come in it's time. 

                           Respect yourself, don't try to remake yourself into an introvert. 
                                       Get out & admire the small things from the world.
                                                    Escape, mind travel & fantasize.
Love yourself, embrace yourself & make the world fall in love with your thoughts. 
The world needs introverts, need creators of imagination.
The world needs dream walkers!
The world needs you to be yourself.