Hidden meanings in famous logos

Meanings that not everyone knows

Famous logos that I bet you didn't knew their truly meaning.
Here I got few of them that I found really interesting & thought about sharing it with you.

1. Mcdonald's

Prepare yourself because I was really astonish with this one. The giant yellow M or golden arches as we all know it isn't just the first letter of the restaurant having it's own purpose & goal to capture customers. During the 1960's designers & psychologists were hired to redesign the logo, but didn't change it because they said it was a pair of neuroshing breasts which gave the customers the desire of food based on the Freudian symbolism.

2. NBC

Did you ever wonder why this famous television logo has so many colors in the peacock? The answer is that during the 50's there just started manufacturing color televisions, while there was still televisions in black & white it was a way to show the world what they were missing out. 

3. Apple


The technology that everyone desires, has an apple as it logo which means the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge in the story of the creation of the world with it's beginning in the paradise with Adam & Eva. 

4. Adidas

If you see the three strings form a mountain, which means all the struggles & battles every human being have to face in a daily basis. We all need to overcome all the obstacles of life, smile during every battle & appreciate the experience.   

5. Volkswagen 

Do you know what the simple V & W mean in this logo? Volkswagen as we know it's a german company, so let's split the word & translate it to english to find it's true meaning. Volks means people & wagen means car. 

People + Car = A car for the people. 

Amazing right? I really like how it sounds. 

6. Pepsi

One of the greatest drinks in the world has a circle colored up with red, white & blue with just doesn't stop there being a simple figure. It has draw the feng shui, renaissance, the earth's geodynamo & the theory of relativity, all in one.

Who knows what true meaning does every single logo has..