Wanderlust tag

Wanderlust tag

I love traveling & who doesn't? I used to traveled a lot back then, but now that I'm in university, with difference breaks as my family & a low income I had stop, just discover places near by but still I'm not limiting myself of considering the idea that traveling only counts to other countries. I stumble across the wanderlust tag deciding to just have some fun & answer it. 

1.- Where was your first plane to?

My first plane was to the United States. Like you might guess every kids dream it's to visit Disneyland so that's where you will had found me, enjoying the multiple adventures in the magical kingdoms. 

2.- Where have you travel to that you will love to visit again?

The city that I had felt in love from all my travels it's Paris, I really crave to go back. They say Paris it's the city of love, but it's not about relationships love instead the fact that's inevitable for you to not fall in love with the city.

3.- You're leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where are you going?

Where I wouldn't go it's the right question. I will love just throwing everything & discovering every corner of the world enjoying each beauty that Earth has to offer. It's difficult to pick one but probably I will jump in the first plane to Venice & afterwards let's see what adventures to catch. Some of the places I will love visiting are Australia, Rome, London, Netherlands, Cape Town, Sao Paulo & the list continues... 

4.- Preferred method to travel; planes, trains or car?

I enjoy road trips with the people you love, stopping by in everyplace just to know a little bit more of it, but I also love getting in a plane & the excitement of just flying, being over the clouds, seeing how tiny the world looks up there & the mystery of what's about to come.  Personally, I don't like to travel in trains so I scratch that. One that's not mention here it's cruise, I had never travel in one, but I beat it's fun & want to try it sometime. 

5.- Favorite travel website?

I will pick one blog, even though I have a lot of favorite one's. At the moment I'm loving Flying the nest I beat you will fall in love with it, as I did.  

6.- Where will you travel to just eat the food?

I really love Honduras food, but one place that maybe I will just go for food it's Barcelona. I love the bays Paella from a place besides the aquarium, also to just enjoy coffee in a small coffee shop near the Plaza of Catalunya. I actually didn't liked coffee when little, but I just fell in love with the cortadito from there, that I now don't stop drinking coffee. Oh, I also love Spain's bread, I don't know why. 

7.- Is there a place you will never go again?

Not really, I had loved all the adventures that I had being given the opportunity. 

8.- Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?

Of course, who wouldn't? I'm kidding, I barely know of memory my ID number. 

9.- Do you prefer the window, aisle or middle seat?

My favorite one it's the window that way I may enjoy of the beautiful view of the world from the top. 

10.- How do you pass the time on airplanes?

I watch movies, talk with someone new or the people I'm travelling with. Read, listen to music & sometimes if I'm able to, I sleep.

What are some place you crave traveling to? 
Let me know if you had done the Wanderlust tag or if you will be doing it.