Less is better

Less is better

Yes, less is better. I'm not talking about clothes here. I'm going to talk about what you do. 

Everybody in society always demands us to do more. It's not a bad thing to want perfection, but it's not good to exceed capacity. I'm going to tell you an old story of mine. 

One time a friend invited me to run with him, I accepted. I didn't had exercise since a really long time. The day came & I had run 7 turns of the running track in half an hour, I told him I'm going to stop now I got to my limit. He was like come on, one more turn so that you will beat a friend that run yesterday the same amount as yours. I decided to make the run, but getting to the end something happened it was not really a good image (what do you think it happened?). He finally stopped & we left. Afterwards he told me I had run faster than the other friend who had just done less than that amount in one hour. I was actually sort of mad at him because he made me exceed my limit & lied to me. 

We have the tendency to do as much, but less it may be better. It's ok to do what you can & don't force yourself. Don't try to be better than anyone one else just your yesterday self. 

It's better if you go for a run, leave a little for tomorrow that way you will be excited for the next day. What may happened if you used all your body's energy, probably wouldn't like to go for a run next day. 

What if you went to a new restaurant & you will start trying all this food until you felt overstuffed leading you to pain. Probably, you won't like having more of that food anymore & might had being your favorite one.

Sometimes we start reading online & from one tab we go to the other until we had spent more than 2 hours in front of our screen. We should leave something for later, to excite us & refresh our energy offline. 

There are a lot of scenarios where we want more, but less it's better. Like they said everything in excess is bad & that's so true. Build habits little by little, don't push yourself to the limits. 

Leave excitement for tomorrow, live today with what you can but don't get overwhelmed if you didn't catched everything you wanted. Take care of yourself, do what you're capable to & feel proud with everything you do. Don't try to be anyone's better version, be the best version of yourself. 

Be happy with less because it's better & more.