What do I Fear?

I just watch a collaboration video by Jacksgap about Fear where people shared theres to the world.

So, it made me ask myself, "What do I fear?"

I fear losing my friends, family & everyone I love. 

I fear that I'm not going to make a difference in this world. 

I fear growing up. 

I fear about my future. 

I fear not being happy.

I fear not truly living life. 

I fear not being remembered. 

I fear not leaving a legacy. 

I fear not changing my country.

I fear not succeeding in life & professionally. 

I fear staying & leaving.

I fear being forgotten by the people I love & I thought they loved me back.

I think that if all this fears could be summarized in one word it would be change. I'm scared of the uncertain, but what's the fun part if life wouldn't get out of the ordinary?

It's late hours of the night while I write this words there's no sound at all, everyone is asleep & no one to share company with. I had never fear being alone & I'm the type of person that like to spend time by myself because I get to discover who I am, but while growing I just start asking myself is there anyone that will bare with me till the ends of time? & I will not feel lonileness by their side? Lately on today's society everyone leaves & few decide to stay. Everyone pretends to have good intentions when all they care about are their own interests. 

While I wrote this last line it came to my heart that the only one that will always stand by my side it's going to be forever & ever, God. 

I'm currently nineteen & I'm amused by how fast time has gone. I just got one more year for the two decades to complete, it's a lot of years in such a short amount of time. I feel that I had grown so fast, I want to go back in time, but at the same time I don't. 

Let me tell you something..enjoy every second, every minute, every hour & every day of your life because they are only experience once. Time is one of the greatest gifts that you could have & give to others that part of your life, you just need to find the right people to share it with. 

Let's stop fearing about what can happen tomorrow, who will stick with us till next week, what will & what will not occur. Let's breath, smile & keep living every second that where given at the moment.

Now, I ask you what do you fear?