Everything is going to be ok

1. It's totally ok to not be ok.

Don't place unrealistic expectations of yourself . You're no less of a person just by facing a challenge right now.

2. You're not alone

All over the world people have problems: bigger, smaller, different, similar but know one thing you're not alone. Others have survive the battle that your struggling right now & have found a way through it. Don't lose hope because in this world nobody is alone.

3. Don't blame yourself

Don't blame yourself, don't blame other for the circumstances. It''s a waste of energy & wallowing this sort of feelings would make you feel worse. Focus on finding a solution for the problem. 

4. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

Every experience in your life whether it's good or bad makes you grow & learn about them to become a better version of yourself. It may seem that you're going through hell, but it's just a phase that will help you be grow into a better person. Look at the mirror & see what strength have you acquired, who have you become.

5. Look from different perspective

Don't lose perspective, step back. See the situation from a different overview in the fresh light not in the dark.

6. Eventually, it will end

Nothing is forever, bad circumstances, problems, what you're feeling will go away just keep going with your head up high.

7. Take baby steps

You don't have to solve the whole problem all at once, just go step by step & every time you would have made a progress to change the situation.

8. New opportunities

Like they say when one door closes another one opens if not even a window. New opportunities will come, but it all depends from how open are you to them to keep moving on, stay alert & look for solutions.

9. Do the best you can

We are all humans, we fall but we have the option to keep walking. If you fail in one task or it wasn't how you expect it..don't worry, keep trying. What really matters is that you do your best even of the circumstances.

10. Brave is your second name

You're not weak. Remember: Courage is not the absence of fear, it's the willingness to go on even when you're afraid. 

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After every storm there is a rainbow.
 by Connor Franta
11. Jin Jang 

Don't try to party up all your feeling, take a deep breath see the good things in your life, what have you done great & what have you achieved. See the light in the dark, because there is always hope.

12. You have won, not lost

Even in the darkest of the situations or problems you will always gain knowledge, experience, talent & develop various capabilities that you haven't work on, or even find the truth of who your friends are. See what you have won from this battle.

13. It isn't your fault

God is not punishing you, he hasn't leave you by yourself. Be patience because he does everything with a purpose, leaving you something better for the future.

14. Acknowledge your own work

Don't worry about the past, don't worry about the future. What's done has being done, what will come still hasn't not come. Don't mix past situations with the actual problem, focus on today & what you can do to change it.

15. It's not 2012

Nothing is impossible, you will find a way to deal with the issue just keep trying because the world won't end because of a single problem or stop because of you. Let's live life & make something with it.

16. Relax

Treat yourself, relieve stress & enjoy being around with good people.

17. Humans help each others

Don't worry to ask others for help. Don't worry to express your feelings, break up in tears with others because they are willing to hear you, dry them & so much more for you.

If you need someone to talk to I will always have my shoulders for you to lean.  I promise you that everything is going to get better.                                            
Love, Mafer Moncada

Do you have any other advice or inspirational thought to confront any struggle? Let us all know in the comments below.